Volleyball League

The EXOTIC Fashion Volleyball League

The 2018 EXOTIC Fashion Volleyball League will feature “Sports Illustrated” like models.  The League will be used to launch the EXOTIC Fashion TV Network a product of EXOTIC Fashion Magazine and will be used to brand the concept.

 EXOTIC Fashion Volleyball League

The League was created to showcase models and swimwear apparel companies in the fashion industry. The Beach Volleyball League will take place at locations such as Laguna Beach, Las Vegas, Miami, Brazil and Thailand. Teams will be created by regions.


The EXOTIC Fashion Volleyball League will feature 4 players on the court for each team. Teams could have up to 8 players on the roster. We will target models with a “Sports Illustrated” look to fill the teams. Newport Beach, Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego would be great places to create the first 4 teams.


Matches will be played at Hotels and Resorts Beach Volleyball Courts. Each team will have an opportunity to bring down friends and family for support. All teams will have an opportunity to create facebook pages, YouTube videos, etc to promote the matches.


Our models will wear sexy swimsuits provided by a variety of companies that would like to promote their line during the Volleyball League matches. We will also create our own EXOTIC Fashion Sports apparel that will be purchased by the fans of the teams. All teams would also wear EXOTIC Fashion Volleyball head, wrist and arm bands. To brand the League we would also produce EXOTIC Fashion Sports Sunglasses and Beach Sandals.


The League matches would be modified by using a smaller volley ball and the teams will perform volleyball skill challenges instead of playing matches.


All teams will have coaches. These coaches could be celebrities, Miss California USA Models; or notable people that can help us promote the concept as well as the magazine. These coaching positions are just for name sake only and are assigned just for each match.



*Swimsuit Magazine Issues

*Fashion Shows

*Media guide

*Team Photos

*Post Cards

*Trading Cards

*Team Videos

*Team apparel (hats, tee-shirts, etc.)


The proceeds from the Volleyball League will be donated to the following organizations.

*The American Red Cross

*The Boys & Girls Clubs of America

*The American Cancer Society

*Special Olympics

*The American Heart Association

*The Salvation Army