EXOTIC Fashion is a lifestyle brand for today’s unique and different jet-setters.

EXOTIC Adventure & Travel Magazine started in 2005 as a lifestyle magazine that
focused on exotic travel and adventure. The publication has grown over the past 12
years and is now EXOTIC Fashion Magazine.

The EXOTIC Fashion brand has helped to developed many up and coming models
working exclusively with the Miss Venezuela Organization in South American as well
as Miss California USA spotlighting the winners on our magazine covers. In addition,
EXOTIC Fashion has also been able to launch the careers of many new designers
featuring their clothing lines in past issues and international fashion shows. In 2018,
EXOTIC Fashion will release the EXOTIC Fashion Sports Collection of products
through the EXOTIC Fashion Sports League which was created to help models get
exposure through high profile charity events. The EXOTIC Fashion Sports Collection
products includes active and sportswear, tote bags, lip gloss and body creams.